Our mission

To Humanize Digital Commerce

We believe online commerce has become too hands off and transactional. Abundance of goods has taken over careful curation. We hope to provide small and medium size businesses with technology that can amplify their face to face interactions and level the field against big, self-serve e-commerce giants.

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Vinit Patil
Co-founder/ CEO

Co-founder @SKUE
CD @box @looker
Digital lead @akqa @gyro
Engineering, marketing mashup
Sanjay Garje
Co-founder / CTO

Technology leader @Amazon @SapientNitro @Macys.com
Mentor and Teacher SJSU
Intermittent faster.
Lindsay Thain

Customer Obsessed
Half Sales Support
Half Technologist
Gets sh*t done

Jimmy MacDonald
Global fairs liason director

Fellow Royal Society of the Arts
Founder, London Design Fair
Foundering Director, Design Fair Asia
1000 Most Influential Londoners

Amitav Kumar
Engg Lead

@Macys.com @Staples
Builds from the ground up   
Never Sleeps.

Parimal Kumar
QA automation Lead

Keen eye.
Will spot bugs in this description.

Jeremy Cover

Been to 30+ Countries
Turns chaos into bliss
Loves Cats
Portland Proud

Spencer Sass
Creative Director @box
Designer @apple @facebook
Co-founder @SKUE. Prolific exhibitor at Art Shows.

Maksim Lunochkin
senior developer

Fluent in all languages. Will cut you with rapier code and irrefutable logic.

Abhi Asija
Support engineer

Loves supporting customers.
In general, supoorting people.

Maria Nuibo
vendor Support Specialist
Vendor champion. Operational genius. SF native. Wearer of many hats and beanies.
Sanjeev Kaushik
Technology Lead

Grooms code with equal care care as the beard. Voted best trim on the West side of Hisar.
Kat Sperber
Marketing AND COMMS

Creative thinker also left brain dominant. Problem solver.
San Francisco based.
Omkar Temgire

Will break code without a break.
Will sacrifice a first born for quality, legend says.

Sumit Sharma

Makes the pages look the way they do. Also a Poet. Which explains everything.

Sergey Ustimenko
Full Stack Lead

Unafraid of new ideas. Leads a cabal of coders and ex-nuclear scientists, it is believed.
Vishal Kamra
Software Developer

Committed towards work and learning.
Prajjwal Khatri
software Developer

Attentive towards each and every detail while working

keshav Sharma
software developer

Makes the pages look the way they do.

Arindam Kalra
software developer


Cuddles and Canine Trends
David Shearer

BI and Analytics
Don Weil
Alliance of Angels

Business and Investment Strategy
Deirdre Moloney
BAST and bell
Trade Show Strategy
Minya Quirk
Shoppe Object

Digital Marketing
Jesse James
Aesthetic movement

Sales Strategy
Sandeep Deokule
Devcool, Series Y Capital

Enterprise Tech and Investment
What we do for people

Ribbon strengthens communities through commerce

At Ribbon we believe technology helps everyone live a better life. By empowering sales people, buyers and vendors with modern tools, we strengthen business bonds and help build stronger communities.

Meet Ribbon?