Trade Shows

Art Dusseldorf Combined Remote Art Buying with In-Person Sales
Art Dusseldorf was struggling with growth under the shadow of Art Cologne, the largest art fair in Germany, but Covid reset the entire landscape. It was anyone’s game now for the top spot.
The Problem
Collectors were staying away from art fairs because of travel restrictions and overlapping show dates; however, the appetite for art buying hadn’t waned.

Buyers didn’t see an alternative way to collect art without physically being at a fair, but Art Dusseldorf knew a digital platform was needed to create new sales opportunities.
The Opportunity
With Ribbon, Art Dusseldorf could deliver an experience that satisfied the needs of both onsite and remote art collectors. Once partnered with Ribbon, Art Dusseldorf created:
Integrated VIP portal
An integrated VIP experience that allowed VIPs to have one login to the online viewing room and VIP Portal.
Virtual Art Consultancy to Amplify Sales
An art consultant app to set up appointments, book your slots, and reserve art. This was especially useful to buyers unable to travel due to restrictions or for those who could only spend a single day at the fair.
New Sales Opportunities via E-Commerce
Post show artist drops on the VIP Portal gave Art Dusseldorf the opportunity to increase sales between show for themselves and their exhibitors.
By embracing digital services, Art Dusseldorf boosted interaction and profitability.
Remote Buying Requests a Day
 during
day one
Month over month sales
Art Dusseldorf's switch to a hybrid platform gave them an edge over competitors, increased their international foot print and pioneered a new sales model for art fairs.