Bettencourt Motivated Reps With Data Driven
Sales Goals
Prior to 2020, 90% of all sales agencies were subscribed to one sales platform that monopolized ordering systems with a substandard legacy solution. There was no impetus for the platform to modernize the sales process.
The Problem
As marketplaces like Faire started encroaching on vendors, Bettencourt decided they needed to motivate their reps to step up their game. Bettencourt understood how human relationships and personalized service were differentiating factors that could keep sales agencies competitive.
The Opportunity
Bettencourt switched to Ribbon to achieve a cloud based service to provide real time data on sales progress and motivate reps to exceed their goals over previous seasons. This transition to a higher performing order writing system provided:
Buyer Approved Interface
Bettencourt's sales reps were now able to write collaborative purchase orders with buyers.
360 Visibility into Sales Stats
By adopting Ribbon, sales reps now had a window into real time data for orders and sales reporting.
PCI Compliant Financial Data
Delivery of tokenized credit cards to vendors to cut down back and forth for fulfilling purchase orders.


Sales reps could view a motivational dashboard on their individual portals and strategize new ways to reconnect with buyers, create new sales opportunities and increase reorders.
YOY increase in sales goals
Increase in average order size
30 Mins
Real time data updates
Bettencourt reps are now seeing the results of their daily activity in real time. Bettencourt’s Showroom size has doubled in Seattle,  and are on track to bringing on more vendors.