Karen Alweil Cut Down Fraud to Zero
Prior to 2020, sales agencies were sending unencrypted credit card numbers to their vendors, opening them up to fraud, security threats and hacking.
The Problem
Fraud rates were at an all time high with Karen Alweil’s previous platform. Sales reps at the agency were spending precious sales hours updating credit cards and combating fraud internally. The onus of PCI compliance was entirely on vendors and sales reps. 
The Opportunity
By switching to Ribbon, Karen Alweil Studios could deliver tokenized credit cards with every order. Switching over to the Ribbon platform ensured that:
Protected Financial Data
Cards could be stored securely for future use for reorders, backorders and deferred shipping.
Returned Focus on Sales and Relationship Building
Vendors didn’t have to spend additional resources on PCI compliance. This led to better relations and saved time between buyers, sales reps and vendors alike.
Streamlined Credit Card System
Expired cards could be replaced and new cards could easily be applied to previous orders.


Within months of adoption by vendors, the anxiety over fraudulent activity threatening every purchase order was gone.
Decrease in Fraud complaints
Increase in rep productivity
Increase in sales over 2 seasons
Karen Alweil could fully cut back on IT staff, thus further freeing up resources for the company. Sales veterans who previously relied on paper order writing and phone calls for security adopted digital methods, leading to higher overall satisfaction with their buyer community.