Trade Shows

Shoppe Object Fair Tripled
Revenues With A Hybrid Model
Until 2020, Shoppe Object was a smaller alternative to the more established New York NOW. Over a two month pause brought about by the pandemic, they were able to digitally transform with Ribbon as their tech partner. This led to increased profits and an elevated perception of the show.
The Problem
During the past decade, large trade show companies tried and failed to create hybrid extensions of their shows in the hopes of making their events shoppable year round. Shoppe Object was a small independent show without deep pockets to pull off such a transformative effort.
Lack of hybrid options resulted in lost orders due to:
Missed Orders Buyers with $5-50K open to buy budgets would promptly forget about catalogs and cards picked up during shows.
Time Constraints  During a small compressed 3-4 day time frame, exhibitors missed out on buyers who couldn’t make it to their booths.
Travel Constraints Buyers who couldn’t make the trip lost out on valuable inventory deals and show specials.
The Opportunity
The pandemic was the impetus to transform the way trade shows were operated and technologically powered. With the help of Ribbon, Shoppe Object could achieve:
Full Hybrid Commerce
Buyers could easily register online and order onsite or from home year round.
Extended Show Season and ROI
Exhibitors could write orders on their iPads, cutting sales time from 3 months to 3 minutes. Furthermore, they have year round access to order writing for the first time.
360 Visibility into Show Stats
With online and onsite registration unified under one system, exhibitors and show organizers received full visibility into all interactions on the show floor including booth visits and sales.


Shoppe Object now had visibility into their number of orders, leads and trending categories.
The show now had the ability to sell hybrid and online only booths to exhibitors,
resulting in three times greater revenue than pre-pandemic times.
Increase in orderswith hybrid
In Feb 2022, Shoppe Object was acquired by International Market Centers. Today it’s the most coveted home and gift show on the East Coast.