Trade Shows

SwimShow Embraced a Paperless Model for Lead Generation
SwimShow is undisputedly the world’s largest swimwear show. However, they were forced to shift when a new pattern emerged for the first time in its 45 year history: brands were spending less on booths. They questioned the ROI on shows and started adopting digital strategies such as selling B2B on Instagram. SwimShow realized they needed a refresh to win back their core audience.
The Problem
SwimShow was approaching shows as they always had: selling booth space, delivering leads with on site attendance and using business card exchange. Meanwhile brands, especially emerging brands, were insisting on a digital strategy to improve lead generation. They knew that a digital complement would provide opportunities for growth and optimize business.
The Opportunity
The pandemic was the impetus to transform the way trade shows were operated and technologically powered. With the help of Ribbon, SwimShow was able to:
Focus on Sustainability
SwimShow made the decision to not only add a robust digital component, but to go fully paperless.
Build Sales Opportunities With Lead Generation
Ribbon’s lead generation gave brands better visibility into buyer attendance and booth interest through QR code scans.
Increase Productivity and Efficiency
Ribbon's badge scanning feature saved buyers’ contact info in a second, saving time for more sales. 


2,067 leads were delivered to 170 Vendors; an unprecedented success for SwimShow. That’s an average of 12 leads per vendor from digital engagement alone.
Badges Printed
Average Digital Leads per brand
Buyers Scanned
SwimShow cemented their spot as the original innovator in B2B swimwear. In 2023 they plan to deliver more leads by leaning into e-commerce and continuing their sustainability journey.