Trade Shows

Sales Agency Warner McDaniel Launching a Hybrid Trade Show
Canada had very few trade shows, most of which were focused on selling booth space instead of thoughtful exhibitor curation. Over the past few years, a gap emerged for a fully curated Canadian show in home and gift.
The Problem
Launching a modern tradeshow meant developing a new model, especially for emerging designers who had grown accustomed to digital sales. Warner McDaniel realized they could fill this gap; however, the finished tradeshow platform needed to gracefully combine real world buying with a digital marketplace that didn’t yet exist.
The Opportunity
Warner McDaniel adopted Ribbon Showroom to expand
their sales presence and visibility. They worked with Ribbon to create The Edit, a fully agnostic platform that could support brands beyond their sales agency portfolio. This transition also provided:
Full Hybrid Commerce
An end to end curated marketplace specifically built for Canadian buyers.
Expanded National Outreach and Presence
By building their own platform specific to the needs of Canadian buyers, Warner McDaniel will be less reliant on expensive US based shows
Community with Emerging Brands
The Edit is primed to become the ideal venue for emerging Canadian brands to launch at a lower cost.


The Edit is gearing up to launch their first in person trade show in February 2023 with several partner agencies and vendors.
Brands at launch
New channel opportunities for leads
Fully omnichannel Canadian show
With their planned hybrid trade show launch, The Edit is primed to provide the Canadian audience a cost efficient alternative to curated US based shows.